Valarie Hauser
Title None
Gender Female (presumably)
Race Demon
Age Unknown
Class Magic of the Fiend Wolf
Affiliation Clan Erus

Howling Claw Pack (formerly)

Position Student
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown

Valarie is a spunky french-like demon from the 427 demon world, a dark and icy tundra taken over by wolf demons. She was apart of the Howling Claw Pack the third most powerful Pack in the 427 DW. Her pack used Devil Wolf magic an ancient evil magic used by the Death Gods of Old to win the VI War. The Elders of Howling Clan saw Valarie as very useless and casted her to the 'Wastes' or more commonly referred to as Aemili to spend the rest of her life alone. Shortly after being banished she stumbled upon Erus and used her magical strength to bully her way into a full scholarship to study there. }
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