"Far beneathe the soil and stone of our world lies a dark place where the lords of death lay wait. They have one goal and that is to conqeur the world. We must stand on constant guard and protect the innocence and beauty." - Priest Beladien

There isn't much information about the size or looks of the Underbelly. What is known for sure is as follows: 

  • The Underbelly is the demon world that mirrors Aemili.  
  • The Underbelly has the 5th largest demon army following: 620, a-140, 937, 9. 
  • It is known for its large collections of imps and ghast lords 
  • Aemili is the 1st world to have major wars and invasions based on there demon plane 
  • The 26 Death Gods of Old are imprisoned in the Underbelly 
  • The Underbelly and the mana domain hold rich and tight bonds and interlink with one another 
  • The Underbelly is a nickname for demon plane 376 
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