Ulmar, The Wizard King
Title King
Gender None
Race All
Age Unknown
Class Wizardry
Affiliation Lawful Magicians

The Sorcerers Guild

Position Leader
Status Alive
Relatives None

King of all lawful magic users, He resides in the Erus Clan. The Wizard King was established shortly after the creation of the Sanctuary, Erus. The Queen Shalareth was doing little to nothing to help save the innocent magicians that where being killed off by Lazuli and her unstoppable armies.

Taking the Throne Edit

Queen Shalareth took her domain of the Elven Elite and locked themselves behind the heavy gates of Qellik, leaving the rest of the magic users to fend for themselves. Ulmar a young wizard fled to the Erus to hide from the unrelenting armies of Queen Lazuli. Deep within the Sanctuary it was determined that the only way to be safe is to sacrifice someone to the Mana Lord Vulza. Ulmar selflessly volunteered but upon his consumption he over powered Vulza and absorbed its powers. Ulmar now having nearly infinite knowledge commanded the Magicians of the Sanctuary and defeated Lazuli's Armies.

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