Queen Shalareth Ashin
Title Queen of Magic
Gender Female
Race Elven
Age 3,000+
Class Nature and Potion Magic
Affiliation Lawful Magicians

The Elven Elite The Gods Above Dragonkin Expodition

Position Leader
Status Alive
Relatives Rekci Ashin (brother)

Fiegh Ashin (sister)

Kondel Feydrag (father)

Shalla Ashin (mother)

Shalareth was the first being of Aemili to be blessed with magical powers after the III War. She and her elven brethren took the lead in the front against the Death Gods of Old. It took less then a year for them to banish the Death Gods to the Underbelly closing the portal forever. Unfortunately after opening the portal countless demons and dreaded monsters entered Aemili and plague the lands.

Claim the Throne Edit

Queen Shalareth claimed the throne of the Elven Empire after successfully banishing the Death Gods of Old and ridding the demons from residing in any elvish territory.

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