The Queen[edit | edit source]

The Queen (Current)
Title The Queen
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 43
Class Swordsmen
Affiliation Lazulian Empire
Position Leader
Status Alive
Relatives None

The Queen is the leader of the largest realm of non-magical beings called Lazuli. The Queen is a being of extreme power and intellect carefully chosen by The Council of Old to rule. Once the Queen is chosen she must shed her name and must separate herself from the commoners. The Queen is then given a book written by the previous Queen that entails her responsibilities and the current status of the Kingdom. The Queen cares very little for her subjects and relies on Governors to tend to the need of the citizens. She must take care of foreign affairs, keeping in contact and allied to certain towns and villages that could prove useful to her. Once a Queen is dead her identity is released and she is mourned by all.

The History of the Queens[edit | edit source]

  • The Queen Lazuli
  • Queen Frayana
  • Queen Bele
  • Queen Marth
  • Queen Genith Paltroe
  • The Queen Previous (Alive)
  • The Queen (Alive)

The Reigning Queen[edit | edit source]

The Current Queen is a ruthless warlord set on the destruction of magic planet Lupo. The Queen has her eyes on targeting Clan Erus and shooting the dwarf Lupo at them. The Queen was appointed to rule almost 2 years ago upon entering the throne she sent the majority of her army to invade smaller magic clans not protected by Erus. Her citizens have grown frightened and paranoid that magic beings will infiltrate the city. The Queen Previous (known as Previous until her death) was deemed incompetent by The Council and was the first Queen in Lazuli's history to ever be deposed. Previous still lives in The Queens castle but her diplomatic abilities where stripped.

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