A society of ancient beings (presumably human) that have aged thousands of years through magical aid. These beings choose the most scholarly human woman out of all the non-magical kingdoms to test them for the throne. The Council of Old's exam tests all the strengths of physical to mental. The Council uses an ancient elixir to keep there physical forms but in all other cases are extremely against magic. The Council of Old contains 17 members but only one has ever been seen.

Council Man Herelde Gonn /jän/[edit | edit source]

Council Man Gonn is the only council man to be seen by the people. He is the one that communicates with the people about important decisions concerning the people. Herelde Gonn is the last surviving council member originally picked by Queen Lazuli. Herelde had a fatal accident that killed him during the reign of Queen Bele, lying in the medic wing of the castle dead an ancient god visited him and blessed him with the potion of everlasting life. Herelde gave this potion to The Council and now one night every year known as 'Night of the Living' The Council partakes in a small portion of the potion

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