The Crest of Erus

Erus is the largest magic clan in Aemili, The city Erus was built by Ancient Rune Masters to be used as a magic sanctuary. Now it is used for magicians to learn and grow in their magical abilities. The King of Wizards resides in the city. The city accepts all natural types of magic and allows them to be nourished and grow. There is only one school of magic located in the city and it is called Sorcery and Divination Academy, it is the best academy in the cosmos and beyond having over 3,000 mystical classes. Though most of the citizens don't have the financial stability and magical potential to qualify for SDA, so magic educators from all over the globe vist Erus once every year right after the recruitment of new wizards.

The Sanctuary Erus[edit | edit source]

Long ago when the gods above blessed the beings, who believed them, with magical gifts. Unfortunately the gods above didn't have enough time to bless all of Aemili's creatures leaving the majority of them magicless. The magicless became extremely hostile to the magic users and began a new era called The Hunt. The Rune Artists where the most obvious of all the magical beings, having giant runes carved into them, so they worked together to form Erus the Magic Sanctuary a refuge for all magical beings on the run from the Lazuli Militia. The Sanctuary started as a cavern that lead deep beneath the ground where Mana reservoirs were found. The Sanctuary was protected by large walls of magic, denying the magicless from entering. During the Elven Wars the Sanctuary Erus became a small city where magicians came to study and prepare for battle. From then on the clans where established and the Sanctuary became Clan Erus.

The Banishment[edit | edit source]

After the Elven Wars the Wizard King saw Rune Artists and Dark Magicians as a threat to the City and banished them to live a life of exile, alone. Upon there banishment from Erus the Wizard King contacted all of the other Clans and demanded that they deny those magicians entrance. The Stygian Wizards over time became more and more scarce until they finally disappeared completely.

The City Erus[edit | edit source]

After the Elven Wars Erus claimed the title of Head Clan. Erus is the only city with The Laws of Sorcery and the Wizard Kings Throne.

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