Magicians that fell deep into madness and has been blessed with the intelligence and strength to rise and create a platform of sanity where they harness the magic of the insane.

Covet Wizards are the strongest wizards to ever grace the land. They spend little to no time on the mortal plane and deal with more pressing matters. They deal with the celestial balance and the fate of the universe. Of course some of them reject there power and become Maja and teach the less fortunate or live a life as a traveler.

Covet Edit

To enter insanity is to consume the power that is equivalent to a mana gem. Most wizards in search of a covet status are lost in the depths of insanity and banished to the mana domain. The covet only shines to wizards that bestow themselves upon death and accept there insanity giving them the advantage of arcane avant garde. Most wizards deny there insanity in hopes that brute force will allow access to the strengths of the covet.

Covet Wizards are often poor and looked down upon in the community due to there status of insanity, making it more pleasing to be in other planes, virtually abandoning the mortals.

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