General Bogart
Title General
Gender Female
Race Humanoid
Age 26
Class Military Specialist
Affiliation Lazulian Empire
Position Commander
Status Alive
Relatives Eklis (Mother)

Over View Edit

Bogart grew up in a home with plentiful amounts of magic, but an absence of her mother, Eklis. Bogarts solitude grew more and more over the years as her magical skills improved. On the eve of her 17 birthday Bogart abandoned her life of magic and joined the Lazulian Ranks as a grunt. She swore off magic and became skilled in the advanced weapons developed by the Humans. It didn't take long for her to excel in her rank and she soon climbed the military ladder to her stable position as General.

Young Life Edit

Since the day Bogart was born she had unimaginable magical strength and it took less then 12 months until she learned how to care for herself. Eklis as a mother was very nurturing and loving but as soon as she knew Bogart was self sufficient she assumed her responsibilities once more. Bogart was then left by herself to tend to the house and the Forest. By the age of 5 Bogart had enough magical strength to over power the magic students in the private university across the forest. Without supervision Bogart was free to wonder Honeytin without care, but this caused evil spirits of the dead to follow her around and shame her for using her gifts so drastically and carelessly. Bogarts only safe haven from these spirits was her cottage, she proceeded to go outside less until she was completely incased in her home. Eklis would come on occasion when she had nothing to do but couldn't be bothered with Bogarts problems. As Bogart grew older Eklis became more distant and less loving of her. On the eve of her 17th birthday Bogart ran away into the forest. Two years later she is found as a grunt in a Lazulian Platoon.

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