Naturally created leaders, the Archetypes are crystals that absorb the body of a Mage and turns them into a crystalline warrior. The Archetypes live in Crystal Palaces scattered across the galaxies. The Archetypes follow the path of The Gateway Watchers a prestigious and rigorous version of the Lawful Magicians rules. The Archetypes are extremely secluded beings that decline access to there homes to anyone they see as unfit. They do not speak, only observe and protect the planet they live on from intruders. Archetypes have a congress once a millennia to discuss the status of the world and to give the Magi in use a rest for one night, known as 'The Nightmare Period'. The Archetypes in times of extreme crisis will assume power over the most powerful military to defend the planet it resides on.

Currently two Archetypes reside on Aemili both on the poles of the planet. Seeing an Archetype is extremely rare and is looked on as luck. If it gazes upon you all of the gods gaze upon you and your destiny forever changing your life.

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